Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm A...

I'm no longer a PC, but have crossed over into the wonderful world of MAC. I've been an iPhone user for over a year so the switch only made sense. So far everyone is right, once you go Mac you never go back ;o) You already know I went all out for the MacBook Pro...all or nothing!

Are you a PC or a MAC? Why?

***No need to even ask, the iPhone 4 is in the mail! Giving the 3GS to pops, but I'm still team Blackberry too..can't give up BBM just yet.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Guess Who's Back....

Don't go getting all excited though :o)

I'm bringing the blog back as a way to keep everyone updated with general (not personal) things. So when I work with new clients, have a thought to share, have trivial questions, etc. I'll be using this space! I must say that I've missed the world of blogging and I'm ready to reconnect.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday and taking a moment to reflect on the real meaning of today!

~Ms. Go Getter~

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Due to recent Google searches that have been conducted leading various individuals to this blog I will no longer continue to post here. The searches have been very private in nature and have made me feel extremely uncomfortable in regards to posting any sort of private information on this site.

To all those who used this blog to keep abreast of my thoughts, whereabouts, etc. in spite of our interpersonal relationship ("in real life") being severed, this is the end of the road so I hope you enjoyed the ride.

To all those who follow this blog, I thank you for your allegiance and have learned something from each and every one of you. I will be taking this time to expand my freelance writing presence not only online, but also in printed journalistic efforts.

Making Moves,

Ms. Go Getter

p.s. ... ALWAYS REMEMBER, "Whatever makes your pulse go faster, go for it!" xoxoxo